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And after “Gong E” was all over, the fans who were infatuated with Zhang Yide went crazy. They gathered outside Allen’s management company and kept shouting, “Love is crazy, love Yide deeply.” In order to express his infatuation and love for Lin Daidai, the staff of Allen’s brokerage company had no choice but to call Allen. Allen picked up the Daidai who had no chance today and let her have a simple exchange with fans at the door of the company. Of course, the so-called exchange was mainly about signing and taking pictures, and Daidai also received many gifts from fans. Most of them are snacks and so on. Dumb is very happy. She thinks fans are very cute. So, when facing fans, she smiles very sweetly. It also lets Zhang Yide’s fans see what Lin looks like outside the play. Everyone was a little surprised. They didn’t expect Lin to look so small when she laughed. She looked like a child who had just graduated from junior high school. She was not as feminine as she was in Gong E. This made everyone like her more. They thought she was very real and admired her acting more. In a word, Zhang Yide is really popular. She has become an unsurpassable classic in people’s hearts and occupies a position that no one can replace in the minds of a generation. And “Gong E” as high as 57% of the average ratings also created a new record of TV ratings in recent years, especially after Zhang Yide’s appearance, “Gong E” ratings once reached 60.5%, this achievement shocked the Chinese film and television circles. In recent years, because of the vigorous development of entertainment, all kinds of TV dramas gathered on the screen. At the same time, almost a dozen TV dramas are being broadcast, so because of the audience’s diversion, the ratings of TV dramas are generally around 20%, and once the ratings reach more than 30%, then this TV drama can basically be said to be the most popular TV drama in that year, and the highest ratings of Gong E have reached 60.5%, which represents that. Nearly 800 million of the 1.3 billion people in China are watching this TV series,Portable gold trommel, which is really a remarkable achievement, making it difficult for later generations to surpass it. Lin Daodai, who has become popular again because of the popularity of “Gong E”, will also participate in the later publicity of the “Gong E” crew. Of course, before that, she first had to finish shooting all the literary plays of Princess Xiaoyang and Xiang Linwei. Fortunately, after more than a month of intensive shooting, Princess Xiaoyang’s literary play is only the last scene today. The remaining battlefield scenes will be filmed together with Yue Wei and the actors who have battlefield scenes after all the actors’literary plays have been filmed. And this play is about princess Xiaoyang know to LinWei and female Ge Dandan together,gold CIP machine, in order to avoid not controlling their emotions in front of two people leak the stuffing, to two people cause unnecessary pressure, so don’t wait to say goodbye to LinWei and others, then lightly left, but he also knows, at this time to LinWei with Ge Dandan is in danger of being hunted down by many forces. So she hid in the dark, quietly protecting their safety, she saved their lives many times in critical moments, but they were far away before they saw her face. And to LinWei already in doubt, the mysterious man is his sworn brother Zhao Ningge, in order to prove his guess, he and Ge Dandan and others set up a game together, really succeeded in drawing the mysterious man out, but the mysterious man’s martial arts are too strong, character is very witty, sodium cyanide price ,Carbon in Pulp, only with a few people after a few strokes found a flaw, a few people only had time to knock off his crown (with veil), But because of the cover of his long hair did not see his appearance, he escaped, at this time, the best flying skill to catch up with Linwei. Finally, at the edge of a stream, the mysterious man stopped. He stood straight with his back to Linwei. The moonlight shone on his white gauze and wrapped him in a thin layer of milky white fluorescence. Why did you leave? Why did you come back? Why did you hide from me.
“At this time, Xiang Linwei had recognized from the familiar figure that the man in front of him was his sworn brother Zhao Ningge, who had left without saying goodbye. His mood became very complicated for some reason, and his tone was filled with a kind of sadness similar to being abandoned by his lover. So when he said this, even he himself was startled.” Why?! Xiao Yang princess murmured to ask, she looked up at the moon, the expression is not unusual, is still the look of calm as water, but her eyes are very bitter, that alone forbearance of loneliness makes him look very distressed at the moment. And to Linwei is Zhao Ningge’s confidant, he sensitively felt her unspeakable emotions at the moment, somehow, the heart also followed the bitter, “why don’t you turn around to see me?” Smell speech, Zhao Ningge’s mouth finally hung a trace of bitterness, since he has feelings, then they.. “meet useless.” It’s just a pity. Princess Xiaoyang has always had something to bear on her own, and even her feelings are no exception. Why? Asked Linwei excitedly, knowing that Zhao Ningge refused to see him again, he felt heartache for a moment, the pain was very deep, seemed to be engraved into the bone marrow, so that his breathing became rapid. Zhao Ningge did not answer him, but carried Qinggong rushed into the woods, to Linwei also did not care to continue to ask, lift gas and chase, he knew that once Zhao Ningge and he pulled away, he wanted to chase him can be difficult. When Zhao Ningge saw Xiang Linwei in hot pursuit, he pulled a leaf from the tree and shot it back to him. Xiang Linwei instinctively turned sideways to avoid the flying leaves. When he wanted to chase him again, Zhao Ningge had already taken the opportunity to walk away. With a wry smile to Linwei, he remembered the glimpse of Zhao Ningge when he turned around just now, the loose black hair, brushing her cheek, the dark eyes that looked soft because of forbearance, the white face, the delicate and beautiful red lips, all of which were spliced together, what else did he not understand, he was silent to Linwei, and he dared not think deeply, because he knew. The answer will definitely put you in a dilemma, and you may even be blamed for being ungrateful. He dejected back to the side of Ge Dandan and others,gold cil machine, in order to avoid the questioning of the people, lied that he did not catch up with people also ran out of breath, then early into the tent to breathe. ore-magnetic-mining.com

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