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???? However Before Tan Jingjing’s little temper burst, Yang Zhaodi on the side grabbed her and said to Meng Hanzhi, “OK, we’ll take the book back for you. Take your time.” ?? “Really?”? Thank you so much. I’ll treat you to ice cream later. With that, she pulled Jijuan and ran to the canteen. ???? Tan Jingjing “Zhaodi, why are you pulling me? If you don’t pull me, I should have thrown these books on her just now. What is it?” ???? Yang Zhaodi “Well, don’t be angry, I have something to tell you.” ?? “What is it?” Tan Jingjing said unhappily, “If you don’t say why, I’m going to take my anger out on you!” ???? Tan Jingjing is the only one who speaks so confidently. 。 ???? Ye Xiyu smiled. “All right, then we will see you vent your anger on Zhaodi for a while and feel sorry for you.”. ?? “Uh..” Tan Jingjing heard this, I do not know why suddenly feel some shame. ???? A few on the side. Looking at Tan Jingjing’s expression, I couldn’t hold back my laughter. ???? After returning to the dormitory. Ye Xiyu put the book they brought back to Meng Hanzhi on her desk and heard Yang Zhaodi say, “Xiaoyu, Jingjing, we work in the daily chemical factory to sell things,calcium ammonium nitrate price, can you help us hide it?” ???? The author has something to say. : Happy New Year, cuties O (∩ _ ∩) O Chapter 356 ?? “Conceal?” Tan Jingjing looked at her in puzzlement. ???? Yang Zhaodi nodded “I always feel that Meng Hanzhi is not a worry-free person, so I don’t want to tell her about working outside to earn money.” ???? As soon as I heard that Tan Jingjing immediately nodded, “Yes, I also feel, this Meng Hanzhi is too capable,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, this only know a few days ah, dare to let us take things back to her, really take people’s help as a matter of course ah!” ???? Lin Langyue “Yes, we don’t know what Meng Hanzhi is like. If we tell her, if she talks nonsense at school in the future, it won’t be good for us. We’d better hide it from her first.” ?? “Well.” Tang Jia thought, “OK, we’re not familiar with Meng Hanzhi, and it’s troublesome to talk to her too much.” ???? Yexi fish “Well, since you don’t want anyone else to know, I won’t mention it outside.” ???? After Ye Xiyu finished speaking. Everyone moved their eyes to the last person who had not yet made a statement. ???? Tan Jingjing looked at everyone’s expression and said immediately. “Don’t worry, my mouth is very tight, Magnesium Oxide powder ,Magnesium Sulphate producer, you say not to let me tell who, I will not tell who!” ???? Right after she said that. There were several footsteps at the door of the dormitory. They looked at the door at the same time. Sure enough, Meng Hanzhi came back with a lunch box. ???? After seeing Ye Xiyu put all her books on the desk. He smiled at Ye Xiyu with satisfaction, “Thank you for helping me bring the book.” “By the way, you haven’t eaten yet.” Meng Hanzhi said, “Why don’t we go to the canteen together after I wash a lunch box?” ?? “Okay, we’ll wait for you.” ?? “Uh-huh, I’m very quick, I’ll be ready soon.” With these words, Meng Hanzhi ran to wash the lunch box. ???? Right here When they got along well with each other, I don’t know why a wave of little brothers in military uniforms suddenly came to Zhang’s pharmacy. ???? As soon as these little brothers came, they did not see a doctor or ask about their illness. He ran directly to the medicine cabinet and swept around. Then he looked at the bottles standing on the medicine cabinet and said with shining eyes, “Boss, give me a bottle of anti-inflammatory and hemostatic pills or raw bone pills!” ?? “I want two bottles of hemostatic pills and a bottle of antidote pills, then what raw bone pills also give me a bottle.” Let me see. I want four bottles of Shengxue pills, two bottles of Shenggu pills, three bottles of Jiedu pills and one bottle of Shengxue pills.
” ?? “Boss, give me a bottle of each of the above pills!” ?? “Yes, yes, give me three or five bottles of each of these pills!” ?? “Me too, me too..” ???? The way these guys go crazy for pills. It’s silly to see the patients who come to see the doctor normally today. ???? They all looked at the young men in military uniforms. I didn’t know what to say for a moment. ???? It was an aunt who broke the silence. “What is the situation? These people seem to be students from the nearby Beijing Military University. They all come here like this?” ?? “Yes, and they are all directed at the pills in the pharmacy.” ?? “What are the pills? Why do the students of Beijing Military University buy them?” ?? “I heard, they all say to want to buy what diminish inflammation to stop bleeding bolus, still have what raw bone bolus, raw blood bolus and so on bolus.” ?? “The name that listening to pill, this pill has diminish inflammation to stop bleeding, unripe bone, alexipharmic, what to still have effect of unripe blood, should not these students see the pill in this medicine hall is good with, so come to buy?” ?? “That also is, the doctor in this pharmacy has a skill very much, the pill that makes also is that affirmation extraordinary, these people buy not strange also.” ???? That being said, But the number of these people will not be too much ah, this is only a lot of time ah, the people in this pharmacy are about to be crowded by these young men in military uniforms, okay? ???? And Look at the situation outside, those people are still coming to the pharmacy,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, if it goes on like this, can they still see a doctor today? ???? They looked at the doctors surrounded by the students. For a moment, I didn’t know what to say. ???? And their ears. It was also filled with the voices of these teenagers shouting to buy medicine. stargrace-magnesite.com

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