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Long Haochen smiled and said, “Since you want to destroy the tree of destruction, let’s call it Destroyer Kill.”. So, its full name is, Destroyer Kill, Purple Gold Moon Sword. As he spoke, the Zijin Haoyue Sword in his hand had brought up an amazing rainbow and went straight to the tree of destruction in Sisi’s hand. This time, Sisi felt a great threat, she was not afraid of the tree of destruction being attacked, but behind the tree of destruction is her ah! She’s not as strong as the tree of destruction. Both people and elves have a strong ability to survive. Almost subconsciously, Sisi loosened the sun and moon stone in his hand. The purple and golden light flashed and hit the tree of destruction in midair. The purple light that emerged on the tree of destruction appeared again, but it was different from the sword that Long Haochen had broken up in an instant before. This time, when the purple mask it emitted came into contact with the Purple Gold Moon Sword, there was a bonding effect between the two. That is to say, the tree of destruction with the Sun and Moon God Stone seemed to be stuck in the air by the Purple and Gold Moon Sword. A few seconds of the tree of destruction trembled violently on the Sun and Moon God Stone, and layers of purple light became more and more intense, even with some shining purple stars. Zijin Haoyue Sword is still purple and golden, but the six big eyes at the hilt are all open, as if they were alive, coldly watching the struggling tree of destruction. No, it can’t be. “The power of destruction bred on the tree of destruction,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, even in the initial state, can lead any force attacking it to instant destruction,” Sisi said dully. How can there be confrontation? In the look of disbelief on her face, suddenly, the tip of Zijin Haoyue Sword suddenly changed. The original sharp sword turned into a big mouth in an instant, biting through the destructive energy emitted by the tree of destruction, and directly biting the body of the sapling. Pull hard,cosmetic packaging wholesale, unexpectedly so pulled it down from the sun and moon God stone, and then opened his mouth to swallow. The tree of destruction suddenly turned into a mass of purple light and disappeared without a trace in the breath of the purple and gold moon sword. Long Haochen raised his right hand and sucked the Sun and Moon God Stone, which had lost the tree of destruction, into his hand. Turning to the completely stunned King Easton, he asked, “Is this yours?” King Easton shook his head and said subconsciously, “This is a natural treasure bred by nature, and it does not belong to me.”. You got it back. It’s yours. But did you, did you really destroy the tree of destruction? Long Haochen smiled and said, “It should be.”. Don’t worry, there will be no problem. When he entered the cave of King Easton and felt the idea of destruction, Haoyue’s emotions appeared in Long Haochen’s heart. For that destructive power, Haoyue is full of desire, constantly encouraging Long Haochen to take it away. However, this is the place of King Easton, 16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps ,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, and it is impossible for Long Haochen to do so before he finds out the truth. At the same time, with the hint of Haoyue, he is even more suspicious of Sisi. Haoyue also told him clearly that although the power of destruction was pure and powerful, it was not enough to cause any harm to it, but could only be its tonic. With this thing, it can complete the final evolution in the shortest time. This is also the first time that Haoyue told Long Haochen that it was close to completing its final evolution. Long Haochen just asked King Easton again and again whether he wanted to completely destroy the tree of destruction, in order to be able to justifiably supplement Haoyue. He did not know whether the tree of destruction had really been destroyed, but one thing he knew very well was that what had been eaten by the moon could never be spit out again. In particular, Haoyue had previously told him that the tree of destruction was not on the same level as it, and that there was no possibility of it eating back. Sisi was completely stunned by this time, and her last hope had been dashed. Suddenly, she screamed, put her hands on her head, and rolled on the ground in pain. No matter how beautiful a little girl is, such a painful and crazy cry will not look good. Long Haochen was taken aback, but at this time he could not touch the seal of the field skill. King Easton, what happened to her? Seeing the pain of Sisi, King Easton was overjoyed. “Powerful human friend, you really did it, you really did it.”.
She must have sacrificed all the dark side of her soul to the tree of destruction. Now it should be that the tree of destruction has been completely destroyed, and the dark side of her soul has been broken, and a part of her soul has been lost, which is why she is so painful. You see, the dark attributes of her spiritual power began to collapse. Haha, the Moonlight Queen of the Night Elves has lost the power of darkness, and Easton’s future can be peaceful for a long time. Without the threat of the tree of doom. Thank you, my friend, and my friendship with King Easton will remain with you for the rest of your life. For King Easton, the night elves are not a big threat, but they have been harassing the peace of Easton. Especially this time the queen of the moonlight night made this kind of thing, naturally let him be full of vigilance. Now the soul of Sisi, the queen of the moonlight night, has been destroyed, and the power of darkness has been lost, which means that the night elves have lost their leaders, and naturally they can’t afford any storms. To the delight of King Easton, the hottest tree of destruction was completely destroyed by Long Haochen. From then on, he could rest easy, and with his cultivation, there was nothing in the world of Easton that could threaten him. Just then, Long Haochen suddenly moved in his heart and subconsciously summoned the Aria of the Goddess of Light, the Blue Rain and the Lotus of Light, which were full of cracks. The two swords had left irreparable marks in the collision just now, and their breath had become extremely weak. However, at this time, Long Haochen felt a faint and familiar breath of life from the two swords. Almost without any hesitation,Amber Dropper Bottles, Long Haochen said to King Easton beside him, “I need your life field to increase. Give me a hand.” For the resurrection of Yating, please cast a valuable vote of recommendation. Please reserve your monthly ticket for the last three days of the end of the month. (To be continued) Chapter 263 resurrection! Yating’s Kiss (middle) Chapter 263 resurrection! Yating’s kiss (middle). penghuangbottle.com

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